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"Everyone at PB does all they can to make your holiday a success. Their first-hand knowledge of resorts is invaluable in ensuring a smooth holiday. My Travel Consultant finds out everything we need and pre-books what we want...they are a star!"

Ensure you're fully covered


A crucial element of every holiday, and a condition of booking with us, is that you take out adequate travel insurance.

Your policy should cover you and your family at a minimum, for medical emergencies, holiday cancellation, delays and missing baggage. If you're going skiing with us it is important to ensure that your policy has appropriate winter snow sports coverage and that it includes skiing off-piste as you can unwittingly go off-piste at any time.

We aren't qualified to recommend any particular policy, however we are an introducer for MPI Travel Insurance, who we have worked with for many years.

With all of that covered you can focus on the important part of your trip - enjoying yourself.

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